First up is a new 5 string pickup in development. The Wide Five includes new magnet and bobbins for full 72mm string spread coverage at the bridge position for a typical Fiver. Because of more wire and magnet, prices will increase to $190. All the same winds that are available for a regular Thunderbucker are also available for the Wide Five.

At the same time. prices for 3D printing have come down, and so I can reduce the price of a regular Thunderbucker 4 string pickup to $165, same as it was a number of years ago.


However, the USPS keeps raising prices. When I began this business, Priority Mail Small Box was $5.25.  Now it is $7.90.  But the economists assure us there is no inflation, oh no. So shipping costs some more.


And international. There is no reasonably priced  way to do it, and insurance is required. I had a postal employee enter a "zero" instead of an "oh" in a postal code and a a shipment to the UK went to Vancouver BC instead.

Oh dear. It all did get sorted in the end.

Also new are an EBO style hand rest, and a no-holes trim ring made from .062" Nickle Silver. This is typically mounted with 3M double sticky tape for a very clean and stlyish look.