4 string pickups ( all winds) are $175 each. US shipping is $5

5 string pickups are $200 (more wire, more magnets, bigger bobbins). Same shipping applies. All 4 string winds are available in the Wide Five.


.All hand rests and bridge covers are $75 each. US shipping $5

Regular Nickel Silver trim rings are $20 each. US shipping $5.

Thick (.062") trim rings (holes or no-holes) are $25 each. No-Holes rings can be mounted with double sticky tape for a very clean look.

Black ABS trim spacers are $15 each

I should point out that trim rings and spacers are cosmetic in nature. They are not required to mount the pickups (mounted with the 2 long screws supplied, usually on a bed of foam)

The trim rings might hide an overly agressive body rout. In some applications, the pickguard takes the place of the trim ring for the neck pickup, and a ring is added for the bridge.