All pickups and hardware are built to order, usually with a 2 week lead time. Payment is by paypal at or postal money order.

All pickups and hardware are shipped with mounting screws.

US shipping is flat $5. International usually about $30, depending upon insured value. Shipping to EU/UK must be done through a third party.

I warrant all my pickups to be operational at the time you receive them. They all get played in a test bass before shipping, testing for proper phasing and microphonics.  I have shipped over 400 with no field failures, so I am not expecting any.

Dents and Scratches: I have "seconds" that I cannot sell because of small defects, usually in hardware. Sometimes the polisher instantaneously teleports an item into the Nth dimension, only to reappear in this dimension at the wall of the shop. Things can get dented a little or bent. Availability varies. Ask.

Questions? Email