ThunderBucker 2013 PNG.png

The best thing I have left is my automated winder. Controlled by a small  Arduino, the program controls number of turns, and how the traverse is implemented.  A stepper motor runs the bobbin, and an RC servo controls the traverse.  The bobbin is held on a platen with double sticky tape, and there is an adjustable spring bearing to help hold it on.  There are adjustable stops for the wire at either end of the traverse. I find that if I adjust those stops about .015" inside the bobbin edges, and program  the traverse go slightly past that, I get a nice flat wind at the edges.  It uses an optical interrupter from an inkjet printer to count turns, and has an digital display independent of the Arduino.

You could program the traverse to do anything, like scatter wind if you wanted. It's just code.......Here is a vid of it running. If you are interested, contact me at

PS, also have the special magnets these pickups require.