The Thunderbucker Family

The 63s

63Neck and 63Bridge: Replicated from early Gibson samples, these pickups are bright and growly, somewhat Fender-ish in tone. Customers report these shine for recording applications. The bridge pickup is more powerful than the neck pickup, so as to allow a good balance. $165 each or $320 the pair, for single pickups specify neck or bridge. (Sound clips.)

The 66s

66Neck and 66Bridge: Replicated from later Gibson samples, Gibson seems to have put more winds on these pickups as the years went on, and our replicas reflect that. These pickups have a nice balance between power and brightness, and have been our consistent best seller. Again, the bridge pickup is more powerful than the neck so as to maintain a sonic balance. $165 each or $320 the pair, for single pickups specify neck or bridge. (Sound clips.)

The 66S ("S" is for "Single")

NEW: As a result of customer requests, I have a new pickup optimized for single pickup applications, called the 66S. It has somewhat more power than a 66B, but maintains a good amount of brightness. I call it “pleasingly plump yet crunchy”. This is a standard product at no additional expense. $165. Sound clips coming.

The Maxes

MxNeck and MxBridge: My most powerful pickups. This is as much wire as I can fit onto a Thunderbucker bobbin. These are 2-3db hotter on the meters than a 66, and have plenty of punch to drive some warmth into a typical tube preamp. Perhaps Gibson would have evolved here had they kept making Thunderbird pickups. This is the only pickup where I don't advise using the bridge pickup as a neck pickup in a single pickup application. It is just Too Fat. Your mileage may vary, of course. These cost $189 each or $370 the pair (specific neck or bridge for single pickups) due to selected magnets and more time on the winder. One of my very favorite basses is a Chinese P bass, flat wound strings, with a Max N in the P bass position—even just DI into a DBX162 no EQ, it is a totally full sound. There is a clip of a song I did using this setup in the sound clips files. Also another song using this bass into a Vox AC30 for a funky farty bass tone. (Sound clips.)


I have a 5 string option that spreads out the magnetic field to cover all 5 strings, with a strong low B. This adds $10 per pickup to the above prices. I also have gold cans now available, this option is a $25 up chargs over standard.

Pickup dimensions:

Our pickups, fully assembled, are 3.65" x 1.59". Vintage Gibsons are approximately 3.63" x 1.56", so measure fit carefully for your application - there may be an interference in the width of the body rout.

The Clips

Were recorded with a $29 Behringer DI straight into the DAW. No compression or EQ. They are a cold as a banker's heart. Songs, however, were whatever worked.

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