Limited-production, hand-made pickups, reproducing that vintage Gibson Thunderbird pickup sound, offered in several different winds. All parts designed by ThunderBucker Ranch and made in the USA.


Well, it has been quite the 2 years here at the 'Ranch. Over 2 billion served. Well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I have had many satisfied customers from everywhere from Moscow to Mexico City. One thing I have learned is that the basic design of the Gibson Thunderbird pickup is remarkably adaptable, that simply by changing the winds, one can come up with many different useful pickup sounds. I began by offering the 63s, which are almost “Fender-ish” in their brightness, and the 66s, which are more powerful yet still bright (and are our most popular product by far). I moved on to where Gibson might have evolved, had they continued development of the Thunderbird family, to the Maxes, pickups which push the limits of the Thunderbucker configuration, to new developments like the 66S, a pickup designed for the single pickup application.


More products are coming down the pike, from Hand Rests and Bridge Covers for vintage restorations, to tail pieces and bridges for modern applications. We also now offer the black plastic spacers to dress up your trim rings.

I have resisted any cost increases to this point, but after viewing my yearly offerings to the US Postal Service, I find I must begin charging my customers actual shipping/insurance charges. For a pair of pickups and rings within the US, this is about $11. For an international customer, this costs approximately $25, but may vary from country to country.


The pickup family includes the Fender-ish bright 63s, the more agressive sound of the 66s, a new entry called the 66S (optimized for single pickup application), and the Maxes. A Max pickup is the most power I can leverage into the Thunderbucker packag--more wire, and more magnet power.

I also offer a 5 string modification that "stretches" the magnetic field across the wider span of the 5 string, but fits in the same can. I also now can offer gold cans.

See the pickups tab up top for more info and links to sound clips.


I offer nickel-sliver trim rings, and the black plastic spacers that go underneath to dress up the rings. I also offer Hand Rests and Bridge Covers for vintage replications. See the hardware tab up top for more info.