Trim Rings

Nickel silver trim ring with radiused interior and exterior, 6 hole. Interior dimensions 3.670" x 1.605", interior corner radius 0.375". Mounting screws included. NOTE: Vintage Gibson dimensions can vary, so measure your bass carefully and email us with any questions before ordering. $20 each, including shipping, in the US, slightly more overseas.


Cut and polished from black ABS, these replicate the spacers Gibson used to put under their trim rings. They really dress up your pickups! $10 per spacer.

Hand Rests and Bridge Covers

These are replicated from Gibson originals, but are made from .040" nickel-silver instead of nickel plated steel, as the Gibsons were. When ordering, please measure the width of the raised center section on your bass, they vary from 4.0" to 4.25", and I build the rests and covers to match. $125 per pair or $65 per piece.

Photo courtesy of CataldoBasses. He Leics his new Leica.

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